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Our new Partnership

Quinn’s Football Club would like to officially thank “ThankYou Club” for accepting Quinn’s as one of the Not For Profit organisations they have agreed to support.

Quinn’s sees “ThankYou Club” as a unique and dynamic way for Quinn’s to support the local community, the community to support Quinn’s and a program that creates a passive ongoing income for the club.

The Strategic Alliance Agreement signed between “ThankYou Club” and Quinn s allows both parties to create a solid relationship, using the “ThankYou Club” platform whilst rewarding sponsors and generating savings for our members.

The prelaunch promotions at the Quinn’s Football Club using the “ThankYou Club” promotions team and one of the promotional vehicles has proven to be a great success..

We would like to encourage all of our members and supporters to join “ThankYou Club” to enable you to save money, be entered to win fabulous prizes including new cars and enable the club to receive funds from the “ThankYou Club” merchants each time you shop with them.

We see this as a Win Win Win Win Win for Quinn’s, our members, our sponsors, the local community and “ThankYou Club”.

What a great idea.

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